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Language Barriers

World’s First Truly Global Messaging App

with Integrated Translations

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Mundo Chat

The First Truly Global Messaging App

Integrated Translations

Send and receive messages in your native language

Over 50+ Global Languages

Choose from more than 50 integrated languages

Beautiful and Intuitive Interface

Discover unique, cool features throughout the app

Back Translation & Reconciliation

Reverse translation of original message to ensure translation accuracy

Text, Photo, Voice and Video

Comprehensive multi-form chatting capabilities

Group Messaging

Chat and collaborate with diverse groups across the globe

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How Mundo Chat Works!

  • Choose your Native Language and create an account
  • Write a message in your Native Language and send it
  • Mundo Chat will automatically translate your message to the recipient’s Native Language
  • Recipient writes a reply in his or her Native Language and sends it
  • You receive the message already translated into your own Native Language
  • Enjoy a uniquely delightful and seamless chatting experience!

Back Translation & Reconciliation

The beauty of every language lies in its intricacies and nuances which is why, at times, it can be difficult to convey the full flavor and meaning of a sentence through translation. To help minimize this scenario, we implemented the patent pending Back Translation & Reconciliation methodology which is generally used in the field of Medicine.

How it Works!

  • Tap sent message to see it back translated to ensure accuracy
  • Tap received message to see original text from sender to identify potential issues

This Proactive and Collaborative approach significantly improves the conversation flow and resolves any potential translation issues.

The Inspiration Behind Mundo Chat

As the world becomes more intermingled, we are exposed to new cultures, people and perspectives that enrich our lives. Mundo Chat launches with the aspiration to break down the biggest obstacle in forging these connections; the language barrier. Mundo Chat is the first truly global messaging experience that delivers integrated translations of over 50 major languages with unique innovative features to ensure translation accuracy and a seamless user experience. Nurture deeper, long-lasting relationships with family and relatives, friends and acquaintances, global business partners and other intriguing minds spread across the world.

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